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You’ve got a pretty skewed idea of friendship. I guess thats why you’re only a passerby. 

ronanthegreywaren asked
You should do Succubus, Nymph, and Witch for the spooky asks!

God Erin I freaking love you. 

  • Succubus:What’s one thing you can’t live without?

-sleep. sleep sleep sleep, and tumblr. 

  • Nymph:What are you like when you’re by yourself?

-honestly Im very quiet, somber, and a little strange. Im alot more chill and apathetic. 

  • Witch:If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

-Are you kidding? I don’t even know where to start. But I think a self centered lifestyle would be it. Getting rid of that and seeing outside of yourself and for others. That would help so much. 


Vampire: Someone offers you a chance at immortality. Do you take it, and why or why not?

Werewolf: If you had to spend your life with just one person, who would it be?

Witch: If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

Ghost: Do you have any regrets?

Frankenstein: Is someone telling you how to live your life, or are you an independent person?

Mummy: If you were to fall into an eternal sleep, do you think anyone would miss you?

Zombie: Do you miss anyone right now?

Faerie: If you could get away with anything, what would you do?

Nymph: What are you like when you’re by yourself?

Mermaid: How far would you go to keep the one you love?

Shapeshifter: What would you change about yourself?

Banshee: If you knew one of your loved ones/best friends had only one day left to live, how would you spend that last day with them?

Siren: If you could make anyone do anything, what would you make them do?

Genie: If you had one wish that would come true and couldn’t be reversed, what would you ask for?

Fury: What is a word/phrase that you dread to hear?

Incubus: What would someone have to do to get in your pants?

Succubus: What’s one thing you can’t live without?

My only relief is to sleep. When I’m sleeping, I’m not sad, I’m not angry, I’m not lonely, I’m nothing.

Medoff, Jillian. Hunger Point.  (via karlykitten)

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